Food Philosophy

·       Every meal is made using only fresh, often organic meats, vegetables and fruits


·       All of the proteins prepared for our meals are antibiotic and hormone free.

·       We believe in the power of ancient grains as they provide more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals than common available grains.

·       All of our sauces are homemade from fresh ingredients.


·       Our standards are high, our team extensively trained and each meal is hand crafted and shipped or delivered fresh the day it is plated.


4 Custom Plans!

·       PC SIGNATURE  - 12 Proteins, 12 Sauces all with Ancient Grain sides and exotic seasonings!

·       PC PALEO – 12 Proteins, 12 Sauces all with an amazing variety of vegetables!

·       PC PREP – Build Your Own CUSTOM Meal!


Nutrition and Lifestyle

·       PC is a high performance driven approach to lifestyle eating.  We believe that what you consume has a direct impact on your performance and overall health.  We are not just a way of eating, but a way of living for performance in life!

·       The PC program is based on lean protein weighted meals balanced with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

·       Our meals are designed to maximize your metabolism and stabilize blood sugar levels keeping you lean and strong.

·       We take the guesswork out of what to eat to maximize performance and we add time to your schedule by delivering your meals ready to heat and eat at your home, office or club.


Maximizing PC

·       Eat a PC meal every 3 – 4 hours!  Meals can be ordered in any combination to your personal preference and eaten in any order during the day.  Eating every 3-4 hours allows you to fuel your metabolism and maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day.

·       High Performance Athletes often eat 4-6 meals depending on training regimen.  Our meals ensure that you are receiving an optimal level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals each day. 


·       Drink as much unfiltered or alkaline supplemented water as you can each day!  Hydration is a key to performance and balance in your body.  You will receive a minimum of 6 bottles of spring water Free of Charge with each shipment.



·       PC delivers meals across the United States!

·       We deliver meals in Metro NY/NJ every Tuesday.  We ship meals every Monday FED EX for delivery Tuesday.  Arrangements CAN be made for delivery or shipment Tuesday – Saturday!

·       Our box and insulating liners are made from recycled material and are designed for easy breakdown and recycling again.  We do not use hard to dispose of foam coolers!



Ordering PC IT’S EASY


·      Our Nutrition Experts will help you Pick Your Plan, Protein, email you an order confirmation and PayPal invoice and after you’ve paid you are all set and will be shipped on our next delivery cycle.



·       PayPal & All Major Credit Cards